Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Biomolecular Engineering and Biomaterials

Current biochemical engineering research is directed at molecular level processes, the cell, tissues, the organism, and large-scale manufacturing in biochemical processes. Our department has extensive expertise in cloned gene expression, gene amplification and integration, metabolic engineering, bioseparation processes (including membrane and chromatographic separation), protein crystallization, bioreaction and bioreactor engineering, modeling, optimization and control of bioreactors, cell and tissue engineering, the biology and physiology of the human lung as an integrated, whole organ, wound healing and tissue remodeling.

Tissue engineering research at UC Irvine takes many forms, and involves active collaboration between chemical engineers and materials scientists with biomedical engineers, surgeons, and cell/molecular biologists. In the ChEMS department, fundamental research addressing the interactions between cells and novel biomaterials is being conducted in vitro, along with more applied research designed to engineer vascular networks into tissue constructs for implantation in vivo.