Program in Law and Graduate Studies

Please note that this specialization is only available for PhD students in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Materials and Manufacturing Technology School-wide Concentration.

Highly qualified students interested in combining the study of law with graduate qualifications in Engineering programs (see above) are invited to undertake concurrent degree study under the auspices of UC Irvine’s Program in Law and Graduate Studies (PLGS). Students in this program pursue a coordinated curriculum leading to a J.D. degree from the School of Law in conjunction with a Masters or Ph.D. degree in their Engineering program.

Applicants must submit separate applications for admission to the School of Law and to the graduate program of their choice. Once admitted for study into both components of their program, concurrent degree students will work with the PLGS director and the director of their graduate program to develop a program of study that will permit efficient pursuit of both degrees. Ordinarily, students will commence their studies in their chosen graduate program and begin their first year of law instruction after one or more years of graduate program study. Upon completion of the first year of law instruction, students will pursue a coordinated curriculum of upper-level law study and graduate program study and research. Concurrent degree students’  law enrollments will include a required 1-unit “Graduate Legal Studies” colloquium and a 3-unit “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Law” course. Concurrent degree students will be eligible for financial support through their chosen graduate program while pursuing graduate degree studies, and through the law school while pursuing law studies.

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Shauhin Talesh
Director, Program in Law & Graduate Studies
(949) 824-9214