From the Interim Dean

Moving Forward

After a very unusual and difficult spring quarter, I hope we can all relax for a bit and take pride in overcoming difficult challenges -- in particular, converting all of our courses to online format and adjusting to working off-campus, both accomplished within a very short time period. While the COVID-19 pandemic is still with us, the campus is slowly and carefully starting to resume some activities. Research labs are in the process of opening, and while most of the engineering courses will continue to be offered remotely in the fall, there may be a small number that will be offered in person, albeit under very careful conditions.

By any measure, our school is in excellent shape:  Our total research funding in 2019-2020 was $51M, up from $38M in the previous year. The demand by students to get into our academic programs continues to increase. We remain committed to principles of diversity and inclusion, particularly in the face of the recent tragic events.

Best regards, 

Michael Green
Stacey Nicholas Dean of Engineering (Interim)