Mexico Graduate Engineering Program

The outreach to Mexico’s academic and research institutions has been a long discussed intention from the UCI School of Engineering. Traditionally UC and Mexico’s academic interest has meritoriously focused on studying the social and political relations between the two nations.  The UCI Henry Samueli School of Engineering is at the moment the only institution within the UC system to take a proactive approach in reaching out to Mexico in this field by launching the first Mexico Graduate Engineering Program (MGEP) this 2016 academic year. At UCI, we aim to build competitive bi-national human capacity and develop scientific knowledge in relevant areas of work.

The UCI - Mexico Graduate Engineering Program inclusive approach seeks to attract Mexico’s institutions best talent to build a strong and competitive academic and research collaboration. By enabling a dedicated exchange of knowledge, we strive to continuously provide solutions of the emergent issues that impact the US-Mexico region.

Also, facilitating academic advancement and research collaboration, between the UCI School of Engineering and Mexican Engineering institutions, we are committed to enrich a cross-cultural and scientific integration.

Mexico Engineering Graduate Program strives to:

  • Facilitate scientific exchange to understand the needs of our US -Mexico region for sustained technological and economic advancement.
  • Enable the mobility of Mexican research faculty and students to transfer knowledge across borders.
  • Develop the collaborative research funding from Mexico with UCI faculty partnerships.
  • Encourage Mexico’s graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to explore research ventures at UCI.
  • Drive entrepreneurial confidence; ensuring graduates have the knowledge, skills and experience to engineer the best solutions for the complexities of our present and future regional and global economic progress.

Contact Info

Luisa Kregel
(949) 824-4861