Best Paper Awarded to Hassan Anjileli

Hassan AnjileliFeb. 16, 2018 - UC Irvine graduate student Hassan Anjileli earned an Outstanding Paper Award from the American Geophysical Union.  Anjileli, a civil and environmental engineering doctoral student, was selected from a pool of nearly 4,000 students.

Anjileli’s paper, “Analysis of high frequency soil respiration in a semi-arid area in Southern California” is about a study conducted at UCI’s San Joaquin Marsh Reserve. His overarching goal was to understand the response of soil respiration (CO2 flux) to climate extremes and warming. Soil respiration is the second major contributor to global CO2 flux, and future changes are particularly important given the expected increase in air and soil temperatures. Anjileli gathered high-resolution CO2 flux, soil temperature and soil moisture data at an untouched area over one year. Since the study area was not near available power, he self-assembled and configured solar panels and batteries to provide sufficient energy to take measurements day and night.

 “My findings indicate that in areas with similar climate and land surface conditions, a warming of temperature increases the soil-to-atmosphere CO2 flux,” said Anjileli.

The Outstanding Student Paper Awards promote and recognize high-quality research in the geophysical sciences, and are awarded to only the top 3-5 percent of presenters in each section/focus group.

– Lori Brandt



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