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Daily Pilot

UC Irvine grad works to make a self-driving car costing under $10,000

Daily Pilot -
Shaoshan Liu, 33, said the company’s demo vehicle will debut on the global market this year. At its manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China, PerceptIn is developing vehicles capable of sensing their environment and navigating without human input.
Quanta Magazine

Is a Bigger Genetic Code Better? Get Ready to Find Out

Quanta Magazine -
Computational experiments, including ones by Freeland, have compared the resilience of the real genetic code with that of potential alternatives, in which codons were assigned arbitrarily to amino acids. Nature’s genetic code outperformed nearly all of them. “For what we have,” said Chang Liu, a synthetic biologist at the University of California, Irvine, “it’s better than a one-in-a-million code.”
Daily Pilot

UC Irvine and Huntington Beach partner for energy efficiency in Oak View community

Daily Pilot -
UC Irvine is spearheading a project to transform an underserved Huntington Beach community into an energy-efficient area as part of a nationwide challenge led by the California Energy Commission. [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to]

Global Drought Severity Index Launched

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, and others, are rolling out a new worldwide satellite-based drought severity index. Relying on data from NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment mission, called GRACE, the index adds groundwater storage to drought assessments, augmenting commonly used tools most often based on the amount of precipitation. Researchers announcing the index say it will “provide for accurate and continuous drought monitoring” worldwide.
Clean Technica

SoCalGas Partners With UC Irvine To Design “Advanced Energy Community”

Clean Technica -
The integrated set of energy efficiency measures, smart grid technologies, renewable power generation and energy storage technologies that we will include in the Advanced Energy Community design will improve quality of life while reducing costs and emissions,” said Jack Brouwer, associate director of the Advanced Power and Energy Program of UCI.
Solar Industry

SoCalGas, University Partner To Design ‘Advanced Energy Community’

Solar Industry -
Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) is partnering with the University of California-Irvine’s Advanced Power & Energy Program to design an “Advanced Energy Community” in an underserved neighborhood in Huntington Beach.
Voice of OC

To Desalinate or Not to Desalinate: UCI Debate Over Controversial Proposed Huntington Beach Plant

Voice of OC -
Academics, advocates and activists met for a panel discussion at UC Irvine to hash out the pros and cons of a proposal to build a desalination plant in Huntington Beach, with environmentalists once again warning it would damage marine environments and raise water bills.

Race to rewire California will happen one neighborhood at a time

Orange County Register -
“I hope we’re enabled to make a difference,” said UC Irvine engineering professor Jack Brouwer, who is leading the team planning to retrofit Oak View, one of a dozen similar teams working on competing plans to transform existing cities and farms into emission free zones that can be replicated throughout California.
The New York TImes

Energy Idea for Mars Yields a Clue for Powering Data Centers

The New York Times -
Scott Samuelsen, director of the National Fuel Cell Research Center at the University of California, Irvine, said data centers could become an important market for fuel cells because the industry “appears to want to be more environmentally sensitive but more reliant on their own resources.”
Greentech Media

Is 3D Printing the Solution for Ultra-Tall Wind Turbine Towers?

Greentech Media -
Can RCAM Technologies build 3D-printed concrete turbine towers as fast and as cheaply as it estimates? Construction and testing of a prototype will be done in partnership with UC Irvine at the school’s civil engineering laboratory.