Proposal Development

Pre-Award Proposal Development and Submission:

Financial analysts in the TEC Business Center are committed to providing timely and expert support for faculty and researchers in the development of their proposals, with a particular emphasis on the following:

  • Detailed budget draft
  • Budget justification draft
  • Prepare Kuali Coeus (KC) document for administrative approvals
  • Assistance with Current & Pending list
  • Coordination with the Office of Research Sponsored Projects Administration
  • Monitor KC document routing

To ensure adequate support for all faculty and researchers, we strongly recommend that you adhere to the schedule outlined on the table below. Due to reduced staffing and resources across campus, we ask that every effort be made to meet the Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) deadline of 3-5 days prior to the agency deadline (the deadline may be earlier for significant high volume deadlines). To do so, we recommend that you contact your analyst at least two (2) weeks prior to the agency deadline to begin work on the budget and administrative forms. The completed proposal should normally be ready to submit for approval one (1) week prior to the agency deadline. Some electronic submission systems, notably Grants.Gov, have internal validation steps, so submission well before the deadline is recommended.

See Recommended Schedule for guidelines on preparing and submitting a proposal.