Financial Management Services

Financial Analysts in the TEC Business Center will provide financial management services for the Samueli School funds received by faculty and researchers. These include but are not limited to contracts, subcontracts, grants, various donor gifts, sales & service, discretionary, and set-up funds. Expenditures will be tracked and timely financial reports will be generated including projections based on known commitments or spending patterns as appropriate.

During the pilot period of Fall quarter 2009, the collaboration with Calit2 will focus on pre-award budget development efforts, while financial management of existing awards will continue to be handled by the Calit2 Business Office. Beginning in January 2010, the requirements and feasibility of expanding services to Calit2 and potentially other units will be considered. Financial services for research units such as the Advanced Power & Energy Program (APEP), the Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility (INRF), and affiliated ORUs will continue to be provided by those units.