UCI Global Engagement: Wuhan University of Technology Collaborative Opportunities

Engineering Hall 2430 Colloquia Room
Wuhan University of Technology
Hongmei Huang, Director of the International Office
Hanxing Liu, Executive Dean of the International School of Materials Science and Engineering Professional Experience

The speakers will  give an overview of WUT and their recent initiative to develop an International School in Materials Science & Engineering. WUT is eager to establish broader collaborations and to identify faculty interested in teaching in their school as guest faculty and students/postdocs interested in pursuing full-time teaching opportunities. 

Refreshments will be provided. For more information, contact global@uci.edu or call (949)-824-9705. 


Hongmei Huang is the director of the International Office at Wuhan University of Technology. She previously served as the deputy director and the international officer and section chief of the International Office Professional Experience. She completed her bachelor’s degree in English at WUT in 1989.

Hanxing Liu is the executive dean of the International School of Materials Science and Engineering Professional Experience. He has also been a visiting researcher at the Material Research Institute at Penn State University. He completed his bachelor of science degree in physics at WUT, his master’s and doctorate in physical chemistry at Jilin University.

Liu’s main research interests are a blend of chemistry and the physics of ceramics, which focuses on materials with interesting and/or useful electrical properties. His research programs are broadly based and cover a wide variety of topics that are supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China

(NSFC) and the Ministry of Education (MOE). These topics include synthesis, structures and properties of new perovskite-type oxide materials, organicinorganic perovskite-type structure determination using the full range of techniques (XRD, TEM, SEM etc.), structural modification by chemical intercalation and de-intercalation electrical property measurements, especially using impedance spectroscopy, processing dielectric ceramics, and piezoelectric ceramics first principle calculation on electronic structure of advanced functional materials.

Professor Liu has co-authored one book and over 300 SCI publications. He is also the co-inventor of 30 patents in China.

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