Special Short Course for National Fuel Cell Symposium Attendees: "Fuel Cells 101"

Harut Barsamian Colloquia Room, EH 2430

Increase Your Knowledge and Understanding of Fuel Cells

This pre-symposium short course is presented by the Fuel Cell Technology Institute (FCTI), the educational outreach instrument of the National Fuel Cell Research Center. The workshop addresses the basics of fuel cell technology, the spectrum of fuel cell types, stationary and mobile fuel cell markets, and the role of fuel cell technology in complementing and managing the high-penetration of intermittent renewable wind and solar power associated with both the electric grid and the emerging microgrid technology. 

Who should attend?

Symposium attendees who are involved in or associated with:

  • Clean Transportation
  • Hydrogen Generation, Distribution, or Dispensing
  • Fuel Cell Development - Both Mobile and Stationary

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