CEE Digital Symposium: Green Infrastructure & the Environment

Google Hangouts
Hosted By UCI Water-PIRE

Join us on Google Hangouts for an International Digital Symposium with experts In their fields from around the world!

Lessons from Little Stringybark Creek
Tim Fletcher, Ph.D. – University of Melbourne
3:00PM - 3:20PM

Urban Stream Syndrome
Richard Ambrose, Ph.D. - UCLA
3:20PM - 3:40PM

Restoring Catchment Hydrology
Stanley Grant, Ph.D. - UCI
3:40PM - 4:00PM

Nitrate Cycling & Denitrification
Perran Cook, Ph.D. - Monash University
4:00PM - 4:20PM

Nitrate Removal in Biofilters
Emily Payne, Ph.D. - Monash University
4:20PM - 4:40PM

FIB Removal in Biofilters
Megan Rippy, Ph.D. - UCI
4:40PM - 5:00PM

Round Table Discussion & Open Forum
5:00PM - 5:30PM

Live YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n32c7qJ9iZY

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