Entrepreneurship Seminar: The Spirit of Entrepreneurship - From the Classroom to the Boardroom

Esosa Agbonwaneten
McDonnell Douglas Engineering Auditorium (MDEA)
Esosa Agbonwaneten

Founder & CEO, Bulletin

Free and open to the public

Bio: Esosa Agbonwaneten is the founder and CEO of Bulletin, which provides a mobile platform to help college students make the most of their collegiate career. Bulletin successfully launched its pilot at UC Irvine during fall quarter 2015, and is actively engaging with additional universities for an official launch date in summer 2016.

Agbonwaneten founded Bulletin in 2014, during her last year of college at UCI. The early adopter, who believes in the future of education reform, is passionate about empowering students to embark on a path that is purely their own. As a recent graduate, she clearly understands the opportunities to innovate in education.

Agbonwaneten, who earned a bachelor's degree in public health science with minors in digital information systems and anthropology, has appeared on PBS Studio SoCal, competed in Blackstone Demo Day, and has been accepted into the UCI Applied Innovation Center (also known as The Cove), which allows startups access to office space while providing resources such as advisers and investors. She has been invited to speak at USC, UCI and Cal Poly Pomona.

In her free time (although rare), you can find Agbonwaneten writing on her blogs: EsosaInTech, which explores the relationship between society and technology; and EsosaInStyle, her life told through the lens of fashion.

The Entrepreneurship Seminar Series provides a real-world introduction to the theory and practice of entrepreneurship. Through a series of presentations by prestigious entrepreneurs and industry leaders, participants will explore the various organizational, strategic and financial challenges facing successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs. Topics include start-up strategies, business idea evaluation, business plan writing, and introduction to venture capital.