CPCC Seminar: Bring the System Down – to a Chip

Calit2, Room 3008

Speaker: Professor Saeed Mohammadi

ABSTRACT: What if you could fit a cell phone inside a lapel pin? No batteries required! What if you could take the temperature of mitochondria inside a live cell without interfering with its activities? Future compact electronic systems including devices built for the internet of everything will rely on integration of various functions with efficient and ultra low power communication systems. The advent of highly reliable and scalable CMOS Silicon on Insulator (SOI) technology has opened up a pathway for tight integration of various functions on a single chip. The first part of the presentation will be devoted to RF and microwave power amplifiers, including a 5G RF front-end implemented in a scaled CMOS SOI technology. We will discuss how SOI technology facilitates the implementation of high performance power amplifier modules. Next, integrated sensing platforms based on CMOS SOI technology will be presented. Such platforms, when integrated with on-chip antenna, amplifiers and ultra-low power interface circuits allow observing physical and biological phenomena that have not yet been reported.

BIO: Saeed Mohammadi received his PhD degree from the University of Michigan in 2000. He is currently an associate professor of electrical engineering and a member of Birck nanotechnology center at Purdue University. Professor Mohammadi and his students are currently working on integrated system on a chip for electromechanical, biological, RF and microwave applications.

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