Civil Engineering Seminar Series – Numerical Simulation of Structural Systems Using ABAQUS®FEA Code

MSTB 120
Mr. Douglas Dominick
Technical Lead
Life Sciences & High Tech at Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp. 

ABSTRACT: This presentation will provide a quick introduction to SIMULIA, a general overview of ABAQUS finite Element Analysis (FEA) code. The focus will be on key structural analysis capabilities of interest to Civil/Structural Engineering users. Topics will include a review of the material models available for modeling concrete, use of the embedded element approach for modeling reinforced concrete, connector elements for the modeling of joints, available beam element stress outputs, and more.

The extensive capabilities of ABAQUS® include: Linear and nonlinear FEA (Implicit and Explicit approaches), Transient and state-state heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation), Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid-Structure Interaction, Coupled physics: structural acoustics, thermal-electrical, electromagnetics, Material models for handling soil, concrete, composites, thermo-plastics, powder metals, human tissue, and other complex materials. The code is also capable of performing Flexible multi-body dynamics, joint behavior, Fracture mechanics, progressive damage, and failure modeling as well as modeling impact, ballistics, explosions, and crash simulations.

BIO: Prior to joining SIMULIA's western regional office in September 2008, Dominick worked in the aerospace, medical device, power generation, and consumer products industries as a mechanical engineer and has gained over 20 years of experience using FEA. Doug also started and successfully ran an engineering consulting company for 10 years. Now the Hi-Tech and Life Sciences Technical Lead at SIMULIA, he works closely with customers and our developers to facilitate bringing SIMULIA's suite of products to the forefront of these industries. Doug received a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on finite element methods and polymer engineering. He currently resides in Southern California.

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