Entrepreneurship Series: Patent Basics and Technology Transfer

McDonnell Douglas Engineering Auditorium (MDEA)

Winter Quarter 2015 Entrepreneurship Seminar Series

Featuring Alvin Viray

Senior Licensing Officer

UCI Office of Technology Alliances

About the Speaker: Alvin Viray is a patent attorney who joined the Office of Technology Alliances at UC Irvine as a patent and licensing officer. Mr. Viray reviews new invention disclosures for patentability and commercial viability, and markets unlicensed inventions to industry. He currently manages more than 215 inventions and is responsible for drafting, negotiating, and administering various documents and agreements involving this intellectual property. Mr. Viray has put in place the agreements for some of UC Irvine’s latest startup companies and spinoffs.



The Entrepreneurship Seminar Series provides a real-world introduction to the theory and practice of entrepreneurship. Through a series of presentations by prestigious entrepreneurs and industry leaders, participants will explore the various organizational, strategic and financial challenges facing successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs. Topics include start-up strategies, business idea evaluation, business plan writing, and introduction to venture capital. Free and open to the public.

For a complete listing of Entrepreneurship Seminar Series guest speakers, please visit http://www.eng.uci.edu/events/entseminars.