Predictions of Tropical Cyclone Formation and Rainfall Potential

Engineering Hall 2430 - Colloquia Room

Gin-Rong Liu

Vice Chancellor and Distinguished Professor

National Central University, Taiwan



Estimation of the tropical cyclone rainfall potential can be performed by adding together the respective satellite microwave derived rainfall values.  However, this technique is essentially based upon a very simple cyclone shift-motion assumption and the cyclone track prediction results.  Such assumptions are too simple to correspond well with the actual rainfall conditions, especially after landfall.  The absence of taking into account the typhoon rainband rotation could induce significant rainfall location inconsistencies.  Even more serious errors may occur if the coupling interactions with the orographic effects produced from mountainous areas are not considered.


In light of these problems, this study presents a method in constructing an improved tropical rainfall potential (I-TRaP) technique for mountainous regions by factoring in additional vital information.  Using the original rainfall potential method as the basis, the typhoons’ rotation speeds are estimated with geostationary satellite imagery and added to the new model.  Furthermore, the changes in the typhoon rainfall patterns and rainfall intensity caused by the orographic effect are also considered together with the historical cases, thereby allowing the predicted rainfall patterns to be redistributed and rescaled to approximate the actual rainfall as close as possible.



Professor Gin-Rong Liu

Current Appointments

Acting President, National Central University, Taiwan, Feb. 2012~May 2012

Vice President, National Central University, Taiwan, Feb. 2009~present

Distinguished Professor, National Central University, Taiwan, Jan. 2010~Dec. 2012

Professor, Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research, National Central University, Taiwan, Aug. 1986 ~ present

Professor, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, National Central University, Taiwan, Aug. 1993 ~ present

Professor, Graduate Institute of Hydrological and Oceanic Sciences, National Central University, Taiwan, Aug. 2002 ~ present

Counselor, Dept. of Natural Sciences, National Science Council, Jan. 2011~Dec. 2011

Committee, ROC Branch, International Geosphere and Biosphere Programme (IGBP)


Research Topic

Satellite remote sensing and atmospheric radiation, including:

§  Applying satellite data to estimate typhoon parameters and analyze their formation and developments

§  Applying satellite data to monitor the local atmospheric environment

§  Satellite-derived Objective Potential Index for MCS development during the Mei-Yu seasons

§  Applying satellite derived air-sea parameters to analyze extreme rainfalls in Taiwan area

§  Estimation of aerosol optical depth with satellite data

§  Applying satellite data for Asia dust storm monitoring

§  Using remote sensing data for vegetation classification and applications in Taiwan area

§  Pre-Experiment of ROCSAT2 RSI absolute radiance calibration

§  The atmospheric correction of ROCSAT-1 OCI imagery

§  Applying satellite data for biomass burning detection


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