Composite Materials for Aerospace

Engineering Lecture Hall (ELH) 110

ChEMS Seminar

Featuring: Dr. Thomas K. Tsotsis

Technical Fellow

Boeing Research & Technology--Materials and Structures Technology

The Boeing Company


An overview will be given of Boeing’s general technology needs followed by a description of some trends in composite materials, including their increasing usage and the development of new modeling tools.  A summary of composites developments in Huntington Beach will be shown with emphasis on out-of-autoclave processes and liquid molding.  Some issues related to nanotechnology will also be discussed.


Dr. Thomas Tsotsis is a Technical Fellow in Boeing Research & Technology Materials and Structures Technology Group.  He has been actively involved in the development of new composite-materials technologies for aerospace applications, including new matrix resins, fabric development, preforming methods, thermal-protection systems, test development, and failure analyses.  He is also actively involved in Boeing’s nanotechnology materials developments and in technology scouting. Dr. Tsotsis has been the principal investigator on multiple internally funded and contract research-and-development projects and has also served as program manager on several of these.  He is also the author of over 25 technical publications in peer-reviewed journals, has written two book chapters related to composite materials, and is the recipient of nine U.S. patents, with several pending.

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