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Image Name Title Department Location Phone Email
Jeff Foresta Jeff Foresta Lecturer Student Affairs 305 Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-5211
Efi Foufoula-Georgiou Efi Foufoula-Georgiou Associate Dean of Research and Innovation Dean's Office 5428 Engineering Hall (949) 824-9643
Charless C. Fowlkes Associate Professor Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science 4076 Bren Hall (Computer Science 3) (949) 824-6945
Michael Franz Michael Franz Professor Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science 444 Computer Science (949) 824-1546
Ron Frostig Professor Neurobiology and Behavior Office: MH 2219 (949) 824-2883 Office 1
(949) 824-5031 Office 2
John Fruehauf Associate Clinical Professor -- Hematology/Oncology School of Medicine (714) 456-5153 Office
Don Fruta Donald Fruta Administrative Analyst Institute for Design and Manufacturing Innovation (IDMI) 444 Engineering Tower (949) 824-4105
Daniel Gajski Daniel Gajski The Henry Samueli "Turing" Endowed Chair in Computer Systems Design, Professor Emeritus Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Office: 3221 Engineering Hall
Lab: 2008 Anteater Instruction & Research Building
(949) 824-4155 Office
Manuel Gamero-Castaño Associate Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 4232 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-6597
Angelina Gango Senior Contract & Grant Analyst TEC Business Center 5252 Engineering Hall (949) 824-3997
Amanda Garcia-Hall Sr. Finance Analyst Dean's Office 5260 Engineering Hall 949-824-6678
Taylor Garrett Taylor Garrett Events Coordinator Dean's Office 4418 Calit2 (949) 824-4458
Ernest Garrison Ernest Garrison OAI Program Coordinator Office of Access and Inclusion 200B Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-6569
Jean-Luc Gaudiot Jean-Luc Gaudiot Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Office: 4424 Engineering Hall (949) 824-9748
Julia Gelfand Applied Sciences Librarian University Libraries Office: SL 228 (949) 824-4971 Office
Tryphon Georgiou Tryphon Georgiou UCI Chancellor's Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 3230 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-9966
Frances Gill Frances Gill Sr. Analyst/Accreditation Area Specialist, Curriculum, Analytical Studies, & Accreditation (CASA) Student Affairs 114 Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-5480
Ramon Gomez Ramon Gomez Assistant Adjunct Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Michael Goodrich Chancellor's Professor Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science (949) 824-9366
Alon Gorodetsky Alon Gorodetsky Associate Professor Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 944D Engineering Tower (949) 824-7159
Stanley Grant Stanley Grant Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering 544F Engineering Tower (949) 824-8277
Enrico Gratton Enrico Gratton Professor Biomedical Engineering Office: 3210 Natural Sciences II
Lab: 3311 Natural Sciences II
(949) 824-2674 Office
(949) 824-3264 Lab
Brittany Gray IGERT Program Coordinator Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility 949-824-8187
Michael Green Michael Green Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs Student Affairs Undergraduate UGSA Office: 305A Rockwell Engineering Center
Office: 4428 Engineering Hall
Lab: 4111 Engineering Hall
(949) 824-1656
Jean Grigg Operations Manager, Sustainable Transportation/ Sustainable Energy Advanced Power and Energy Program ELF 219E 949-824-7302 x11340
Anna Grosberg Anna (Anya) Grosberg Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering Office: 2418 Engineering Hall
Lab: 2140 Engineering Hall
(949) 824-3211
Steven Gross Associate Professor Developmental and Cell Biology 2222 Natural Sciences I (949) 824-3159 Office
(949) 824-3038 Lab
Zhibin Guan Professor Chemistry 5042D Reines Hall (949) 824-5172
Gultekin Gulsen Gultekin Gulsen Associate Professor in Residence Radiological Sciences Research Imaging Center
164 Irvine Hall
(949) 824-6001
Ranjan Gupta Professor Orthopaedic Surgery 2226 Gillespie Neuroscience Research Facility (949) 824-1405 Office
Gary Guymon Gary Guymon Professor Emeritus Civil and Environmental Engineering
Anis Hammoudeh Salman bin Abdulaziz University Program Manager Dean's Office AirB 1080-1082 949-824-2638
Ed Hand Assistant Dean for Development Development and External Relations 5220 Engineering Hall (949) 824-6563
Pheather Harris Program Director California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP) 107 Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-2363
David Hartwig David Hartwig Undergraduate Lab Manager Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 2118 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-6227
Jered Haun Jered Haun Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering 3107 Natural Sciences II (949) 824-1243
Glenn Healey Glenn Healey Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 4434 Engineering Hall (949) 824-7104
April Heath Graduate Coordinator Civil and Environmental Engineering 4130 Engineering Gateway 949-824-0584
Jake Hes Clean Room Manager Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility Office: EG 2220 (949) 824-8239 Office
Payam Heydari Payam Heydari Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Office: 4432 Engineering Hall
Lab: 4130 Engineering Hall
(949) 824-7824 Lab
(949) 824-9324 Office
Vanessa Hill-Schatz Student Affairs Graduate 204 Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-8090
Daniel Hirschberg Professor Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science 4226 Donald Bren Hall (949) 824-6480 Office
Allon Hochbaum Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 944F Engineering Tower (949) 824-1194
Diane Hohnbaum Administrative Assistant Civil and Environmental Engineering 5312 Engineering Hall (949) 824-8821
Juan Hong Professor Emeritus Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 636A Engineering Tower (949) 824-8278
Frank Hsu Department Chair and Professor Neurosurgery 101 The City Drive, Bldg 200, Suite 210 (714) 456-6966
Kuo-lin Hsu Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering 5320 Engineering Hall (949) 824-8826
Lan Huang Professor Physiology and Biophysics Medical Science I Bldg., Rm D-233 (949) 824-8548
Kristin Huerth Associate Director of External Relations Development and External Relations Donald Bren Hall 6074 949 824-3074
Christopher Hughes Christopher Hughes Professor Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Office: MH 3219 (949) 824-8771 Office