Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Faculty

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Image Name Title Department Location Phone Email
Enrique Lavernia Enrique Lavernia Distinguished Professor Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Matt Law Assistant Professor Chemistry 949-824-5996
Jaeho Lee Assistant Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 4206 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-4941
G.P. Li G.P. Li Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Office 1: 4100 Calit2
Office 2: 2230 Engineering Gateway
Lab: 3317 Engineering Gateway
Lab: 3312 Engineering Gateway
Lab: 3321 Engineering Gateway
(949) 824-9073 Office 1
(949) 824-4194 Office 2
(949) 824-2047 Office 2
(949) 824-4019 Lab
Han Li Han Li Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 636D Engineering Tower (949) 824-5668
Mo Li Mo Li Assistant Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering 4145 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-4671
Henry Lim Professor Emeritus Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Office: 816F Engineering Tower
Lab: 924 Engineering Tower
(949) 824-9619 Office
(949) 824-8075 Lab
Wendy Liu Wendy Liu Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering Office: 2412 Engineering Hall
Lab: 2131 Engineering Hall
(949) 824-1682
John Lowengrub Professor Mathematics (949) 824-2655 Office
Ray Luo Assistant Professor Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 3206 Natural Sciences I (949) 824-9528