Faculty & Staff Directory

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Image Name Title Department Location Phone Email
Everardo Camacho Systems Programmer Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility everardc@uci.edu
Filippo Capolino Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 4422 Engineering Hall
Lab: 4131 Engineering Hall
(949) 824-2164 f.capolino@uci.edu
Sergio Carnalla Department Laboratories Manager Civil and Environmental Engineering 148B Engineering Laboratory Facility (949) 824-8694 scarnall@uci.edu
Nancy Carter Nancy Carter Payroll & Personnel Coordinator Civil and Environmental Engineering 4136 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-1259 ncarter1@uci.edu
Robert Cassidy Director, Curriculum, Analytical Studies, & Accreditation (CASA) Student Affairs 114 Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-8209 Office rmcassid@uci.edu
Shana Chance Director of Corporate Relations Development and External Relations 5236 Engineering Hall (949) 824-3977 schance@uci.edu
Linda Chandler Department Administrative Analyst Civil and Environmental Engineering 4130 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-5333 llchandl@uci.edu
Aparna Chandramowlishwaran Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 4410 Engineering Hall (949) 824-9447 amowli@uci.edu
Yi-San Chang-Yen Department Manager Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 916 Engineering Tower (949) 824-5086 ychangye@uci.edu
Grace Chau Academic Program/Graduate Admission Coordinator Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 916 Engineering Tower (949) 824-3887 chaug@uci.edu
Zhongping Chen Zhongping Chen Professor Biomedical Engineering Beckman Laser Institute (949) 824-1247 z2chen@uci.edu
Clare Cheng Academic Program Coordinator Biomedical Engineering 3120 Natural Sciences II (949) 824-3494 clare.cheng@uci.edu
Connie Cheng Connie Cheng Assistant Director Student Affairs Graduate 204 Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-3562 connie.cheng@uci.edu
Bernard Choi Bernard Choi Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering Beckman Laser Institute (949) 824-9491 choib@uci.edu
Pai Chou Pai Chou Professor Emeritus Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 3219 Engineering Hall
Lab: 4120 Engineering Hall
(949) 824-3229
(949) 824-1421 Lab
Esther Chung Esther Chung Payroll/Personnel Analyst Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 3222 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-5469 chungey@uci.edu
Patricia Collette Patricia Collette Interim Senior Assistant Dean & Chief of Staff Dean's Office 5216 Engineering Hall (949) 824-4838 pbcollet@uci.edu
Jennifer Collopy Purchasing & Reimbursement Coordinator Dean's Office 5400 Engineering Hall (949) 824-3571 jcollopy@uci.edu
Dan Cooper Professor School of Medicine Bldg. 25 2nd Floor (714) 456-2317 dcooper@uci.edu
William Cooper Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering 544H Engineering Tower (949) 824-5620 wcooper@uci.edu
Robert Corn Robert Corn Professor Chemistry (949) 824-1746 rcorn@uci.edu
Carl Cotman Professor School of Medicine GNRF 1113 (949) 824-5847 cwcotman@uci.edu