Seminar Series

Fall 2017

Date Program Speaker Title Details
Friday, October 6th
Hilary McMillan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, San Diego State University Department of Geography
Hydrologic Signatures: Making the Most of Environmental Data Abstract/Bio
Monday, October 16th
Daniel Wright, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Modern Precipitation Data & Its Applications: Errors, Insights & Flood Frequency Analysis in a Changing World Abstract/Bio
Friday, October 20th
Mariangel Garcia Andarcia, Ph.D.
Teaching Associate, San Diego State University Computational Science Research Center
Validation of the Nonhydrostatic General Curvilinear Coastal Ocean Model (GCCOM) for Stratified Flows and its Coupling with a Data Assimilation Framework Abstract/Bio
Friday, October 27th
Sean Vitousek, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago Civil & Materials Engineering
Can Beaches Survive Climate Change? Predicting Long-Term Coastal Change in Southern California Abstract/Bio
Friday, November 3rd
Zhihua Wang, Ph.D.
Senior Sustainability Scientist, Arizona State University School of Sustainable Engineering & The Built Environment
The Role of Green Infrastructure in Sustainable Urban Development: Modeling & Implications Abstract/Bio
Thursday, November 16th
Masayoshi Nakashima, Ph.D.
President; Senior Research Engineer, Kobori Research Complex, Kajima Corp.
Twenty-Two Years after Kobe & Six Years after Tohoku - A Japanese Way toward Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Abstract/Bio
Friday, November 17th
Dennis Lettenmaier, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor, University of California Los Angeles Department of Geography
Hydrologic Change in the West Abstract/Bio
Friday, December 1st
Paola Passalacqua, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin Department of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering
Connectivity in River Deltas: Observations, Modeling & Implications to Coastal Resilience Abstract/Bio
Friday, December 8th
Yiping Cao, Ph.D.
Senior Microbiologist, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP)
The Engineering Story of Beach Water Quality Abstract/Bio