Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


The department offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in civil engineering and in environmental engineering. Faculty members have a special interest and research expertise in four thrust areas: hydrology and water resources, structural engineering, transportation systems and environmental engineering. The department also offers a concurrent degree program with UCI's Department of Planning, Policy and Design that awards both a master of science in civil engineering in either the transportation or environmental focus areas (MSCE) and a master of urban and regional planning (MURP).

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Graduate Coordinator

April Heath
Graduate Affairs Coordinator
(949) 824-0584 (Phone)
(949) 824-2117 (Fax)

Graduate Advisers

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Russell Detwiler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Graduate Adviser
(949) 824-7152 (Phone)
(949) 824-2117 (Fax)

Structural Engineering

Farzin Zareian, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Graduate Adviser
(949) 824-9866 (Phone)
(949) 824-2117 (Fax)

Water Resources

Amir AghaKouchak, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Graduate Adviser
(949) 824-9350 (Phone)
(949) 824-2117 (Fax)

Transportation Systems Engineering

R. (Jay) Jayakrishnan, Ph.D.
Professor & Graduate Adviser
(949) 824-2172 (Phone)
(949) 824-8385 (Fax)

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