Research Specialist – Electric Field Combustion Modeling Research

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The Lasers, Flames and Aerosols Group (LFA) associated with Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin at UC Irvine is seeking a research specialist for advanced modeling of electric field effects on laminar diffusion flames. The successful candidate will work with colleagues at National Laboratories and at UCI to simulate experiments of hydrocarbon flames under the influence of electric fields.

Specific responsibilities will include:

• Chemical Kinetics: evaluation, implementation, validation and evaluation of the detailed chemical kinetics leading to ion species and excited chemiluminescent species in diffusion flames. Some of the effort involves determining the state of the art of chemical mechanisms, but a second aspect is the reduction of the mechanism to a tractable size for inclusion in a computational fluid dynamics simulation.

• CFD: development, implementation, testing, validation and documentation of a computational fluid dynamics simulation of combustion that includes Maxwell’s electrodynamic equations. The code will likely be based on the adaptive mesh approach pioneered at Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory. The effort begins with a 1-D simulation and will progress to 2-D and then fully 3-D.

Additional responsibilities will include reporting on electrodynamics in combustion, evaluating the literature to maintain cutting-edge understanding, and collaborating skills with colleagues at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The work will also entail collaboration with other researchers, preparing publications and delivering presentations for top journals and conferences, reporting to the funding agencies, and periodic assistance to graduate students.

The successful candidate will have a degree in mechanical engineering (M.S. strongly preferred) and demonstrated experience in the topic areas outlined above. The candidate should have excellent communication and time management skills, ability to learn quickly and enthusiastically, and experience in numerical simulation, particularly with the codes developed at LBNL. The position is dependent on extramural funding and research contracts of the Principal Investigator. An immediate start date is available within two weeks of the hiring decision. Renewal of the appointment will be offered to well-performing candidates contingent upon the availability of adequate funding.

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